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TOP 5: Best Webcam in 2019

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Information TOP 5: Best Webcam in 2019

Title :  TOP 5: Best Webcam in 2019
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Comments TOP 5: Best Webcam in 2019

4 of 5 cameras are not even available on your links!
Comment from : Lunker012

I’m asking for the jiffy webcam for Christmas

If u put the cameras in on discord can you still use mics like blue yeti?

Cole Evans
This video was awful
Comment from : Cole Evans

Copious Kobolds
No video demonstrations, and your example of a "budget webcam" is over 40 dollars. Garbage review.
Comment from : Copious Kobolds

Beatrice Noel
Thank you so much for the video. Do you know if the videos with Dericam W2 1080P are Instagram compatible please? I'm trying to find the best video quality for that social media platform.
Comment from : Beatrice Noel

Henderson Hood
Review sucks, did you actually use any of the products shown here?
Comment from : Henderson Hood

Martin Carlton
none of these are available on Amazon. You should pull the video.
Comment from : Martin Carlton

Why you didn't show the price. That's why I came here.
Comment from : Outline

The JettyJet Show
Love the video, hate the Burger King Foot Lettuce. Humans don't talk like Foot Lettuce!
Comment from : The JettyJet Show

You say the links will be updated but none of the US prices links are actually available let alone the best price.
Comment from : noodles6669

Ryan Likes To Youtube
im just looking for something cheap like the Logitech 0270 thanks this was helpful
Comment from : Ryan Likes To Youtube

show quality and show price this isnt a review its just opinion
Comment from : Darrullo

This is not review dude...
Comment from : MauMainAja

People's Description be like Asia don't exist.
Comment from : KARTIK SHARMA

Artyom Mikhaylovsky
None of these cameras were tested in this video, not a very useful review. I would like to see how the video looks like through every camera shown.
Comment from : Artyom Mikhaylovsky

Comment from : IMM7md_

Michal Pirkl
C920 pro has better results (included audio)
Comment from : Michal Pirkl

jakerock workshop
Comment from : jakerock workshop

youve obviously never tested any of these and just created this video, reading bs marketing text supplied for each. Youre just making yourself look bad
Comment from : Mark

Christian Frühauf
No actual videofootage????
Comment from : Christian Frühauf

Ann T
Hi friend,are you interested in testing HD 1080P webcam?In return I will send you a free webcam,my WhatsApp is +8618613958955, Have a nice day!
Comment from : Ann T

Rexx Reviews
Check out the new Logitech Streamcam Plus
Comment from : Rexx Reviews

This is not a review . Where's the video samples ?
Comment from : CLAUDIO IL TEXANO

P Mallik RAJ
Watching your video dint help me. You are here to tell the brands manufacture the Webcams. No Video Demo. Following you will be a great mistake. I can't buy all the webcams in the world and try them to know which one is better. LOL
Comment from : P Mallik RAJ

Webcam brio ?
Comment from : Morderや

Lets Build That App
Lol, good demo of what the video quality looks like. Excellent.....
Comment from : Lets Build That App

Шурик Уличный
NO inline demonstration of video output from cams((
Comment from : Шурик Уличный

Michael Benson
no example of quality and not even mentioning price
Comment from : Michael Benson

Rexx Reviews
I just posted a video on my channel showing how to use your iphone 11 or android phone as a HQ webcam. The quality FAR exceeds what these standard webcams do.
Comment from : Rexx Reviews

You make webcam reviews without telling us frame rate or example shots? Wtf.
Comment from : Alex

Prodigal Suns
No prices.. then one is $20.. makes me think they all suck
Comment from : Prodigal Suns

Alireza erzählt
I live in Germany Berlin and I enjoyed your video very much, thank you
Comment from : Alireza erzählt

Анна Горностаева
Dislike. Where's its video?
Comment from : Анна Горностаева

Does the Dericam W2 1080P work with obs? I would assume it does but just wanna make sure
Comment from : I_Is_Piano

i got the logitech c270 with a fifine microphone BOTH for under $50 together and now I have a complete stream setup
Comment from : xero

Congratz Pepega nice "reviews" of N O T H I N G/10
Any video quality tests or you just going to read the brochure?

Comment from : FuPlaayz

Brazil Uluwita
What were you thinking when you made this video?
Comment from : Brazil Uluwita

Brazil Uluwita
HD-720 for 2020 I am laughing
Comment from : Brazil Uluwita

AR 23
JUST TO REPEAT WHAT WAS SAID Why didn't you show what is the video quality of the camera?
Comment from : AR 23

Gregory Edwards
Dude the one thing we needed you didn't provide. Who cares about all this talk if you're not gonna show THE ACTUAL RESULT of the product. If we wanted we could just READ this info somewhere else. Lame video man. Hope your next one doesn't have this same mistake.
Comment from : Gregory Edwards

Logitech C270 have a very bad quality, i buy´d it, cause i tought it might be better than my stone age old one, but i was wrong
Comment from : estonianrocker666

Razor kiyo is not a good camera if your planning to use it for geforce experience.
Comment from : NK71

Drew Rycerz
This might be one of the worst reviews I've ever seen in my entire life.
Comment from : Drew Rycerz

Stanislava Hugo
Одна реклама страшного по дизайну логитеча....
Comment from : Stanislava Hugo

Leon Wiktor
Well, I bought the Kiyo 1st, just to realize that it is not only too expensive for what it is, there is no way to make it work for Nvidia`s GeForce Experience or Shadowplay. OBS, the so called "easy to use",; my ass broadcasting/streaming software" or "Xsplit" work fine, but why they never mention the issue with GeForce is a huge down for me. So I`ve got the C922 Pro and plugged it in and just works like a charm. Btw, Xsplit might be a little easier to use but also for beginners it might be Level 10+ riddle!
Comment from : Leon Wiktor

MAIN HO SAMAD Abdussamad
Comment from : MAIN HO SAMAD Abdussamad

R0cK GoD
Comment from : R0cK GoD

Daniel King
Awful video, this might actually be the worst webcam related video maybe show some... I don't know... examples of what the video quality is like. I don't want to come off as too mean if you're just starting out this video was well edited and your narration was pretty natural. But you really fucked up on this man.
Comment from : Daniel King

Queskou Sifi
Do Logitechs work with chrome os or Android please?
Comment from : Queskou Sifi

So......no Logitech Brio Webcam??? JESUS !!!
Comment from : Gioxtream

Great video, maybe add some background music to fill the emptyness. Maybe also compare the items not only on what the makers say but a third party tech website's review. Most sellers make the product seem better than it actually is. Aside from that great video!
Comment from : Lofize

Why didn't you show what is the video quality of the camera?
Comment from : Trajan

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