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Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Review + Test

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Information Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Review + Test

Title :  Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Review + Test
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Frames Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Review + Test

Description Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Review + Test

Comments Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Review + Test

Andy Slye
Buy on Amazon ► geni.us/Logitechc920
Comment from : Andy Slye

It’s 2020 and they are expensive as fuck
Comment from : JamaineTV

chunky munky2
Oh hey
I was just boutta go to bed
I know we couldn't skype tonight
But that's alright

Godnight girl
I'll see you tomorrow

(Falls and fucking dies)

Comment from : chunky munky2

Cam John
Comment from : Cam John

eS Vortexx
i was going to buy this for the mic being really trash but they make the mic sound goodrip
Comment from : eS Vortexx

Jens Otto Martinsen
Hi Andy - looks good and I bought it, but I have Windows 10... The picture came up the first time (on Skype), but after re-boot I nevers saw it again. Driver problems the system tells me and I can't figure it out :-( So if you have any tips I would be very happy :-)
Comment from : Jens Otto Martinsen

Nul Atlas
Hey babe, sorry I couldn't Skype you tonight, but that's okay.
Comment from : Nul Atlas

Vlad Romero
The Amazon link takes me to a used camera that costs $200 USD.
Comment from : Vlad Romero

Does it have built in speakers?
Comment from : nitroeh

Does the webcam need a usb microphone? Or can you use an xlr microphone
Comment from : Egamer

Wow, I'm watching this video in 2020 and it retails for $200 USD now.
Comment from : Ryan

Is the audio lag using a usb mic separate from the video camera?
Comment from : dzzoner

The Hodge Podge
damn $70 in 2014 and now you can only find the same one for $299 or more


Comment from : The Hodge Podge

Lucienne Deschaux
Is there a zoom funtion with it.
Comment from : Lucienne Deschaux

Tijay Le
Excellent review... Thanks!
Comment from : Tijay Le

Rudi J
Great nonsense right to the point review, well done.
Comment from : Rudi J

Comment from : owen

Candido Aviles
is there a way to use this as a video cam at home and view on a app while you away from home?
Or if you know of a webcam to set up in home to view on a app while your away from home?

Comment from : Candido Aviles

제이 사이야죠스타 Jay SaiyaJoestar
is C920 and C920 HD PRO the same thing?
Comment from : 제이 사이야죠스타 Jay SaiyaJoestar

not exactly convinced it’s 1080p, but if I shrink it to the top corner of my screen when I stream, no one will notice 😂
Comment from : Ewan.Music

Lets be Encouraged
the Tripod thread got me sold very good for what i use it for. I want one
Comment from : Lets be Encouraged

Nova Almighty
Can I use my apple laptop 💻
Comment from : Nova Almighty

Lou De La Cruz
Can I use it on the ps4??
Comment from : Lou De La Cruz

Lou De La Cruz
Can I use it on the ps4??
Comment from : Lou De La Cruz

Lou De La Cruz
Can I use it on the ps4??
Comment from : Lou De La Cruz

Michael Romano
Anyone know the maximum video recording length?
Comment from : Michael Romano

Speaker Tim White
Great video. #KeepHavingFUN
Comment from : Speaker Tim White

It's $40 on Amazon right now Prime Day 7/15/19 ends 7/16/19
Comment from : mangowarrior

Hi Andy.
We are very ashamed son..please come home and talk to dad
.thanks..aunty may.

Comment from : brownpunk

Misty Inc.
thanks this was helpful
Comment from : Misty Inc.

Ask to sasi
Comment from : Nyaneiko

Thanks Andy Slye. That is nice Vid
Comment from : 쿨빈

Andrea A Polanco
Its says that I dont have enough resources to record? help
Comment from : Andrea A Polanco

I have the same webcam, I bought it off Amazon, but even at 720p the FPS sucks. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have the Logitech program is there something else I need to install?
Comment from : eVisper

Subscribe to my channel please
Comment from : Jamexx

well that's me convinced , getting one!!
Comment from : Shelby

Excellent review!
Comment from : Janine

Would this be a good facecam for making gaming videos?
Comment from : shadowrebel4

1080p at 30 or 60FPS?
Comment from : Sprizzy

well i have blue yeti already so this is perfect
Comment from : FIRE

John Gay
For some unknow, my c920 worked fine for 2 weeks, Now the blue brackets just blinks.
Comment from : John Gay

Thankas excellent video!
Comment from : areopagox

MilkCarten Lmt
bought this webcam and it wasn't compatible with any of my computers just kept shutting on and off
Comment from : MilkCarten Lmt

Currently £25 on Amazon.
Comment from : Wilss

Andy, how does the autofocus work at a distance? 75' or 100'?
Comment from : jmpettey

Tia Hunsperger
I am needing a small microphone that could clip on. What would you recommend? The one you have recommended is large and I need something small. Thanks!
Comment from : Tia Hunsperger

Adam Golan
Test starts at 1:41.
Comment from : Adam Golan

Cynical Pictures
I know this is an old video but. I just bought a c-920 pretty excited.. Thanks for the review,
Comment from : Cynical Pictures

I have one of these. And yes. It's absolutely the best bang for buck webcam that's ever been made. The mics on all webcams are shit. This is one of the better ones.
Still prefer this over the brio. For an all rounder

Comment from : thebuckstopshere

Get this in Prime day sale for $28
Comment from : TheSimulationFan

This look good in lower light rooms?
Comment from : GamingDominari

Sam Al
Does it Record 60Fps in 1080p ?
Comment from : Sam Al

Jonathan H
Quick question: can I use this camera to record video, while connecting an external 3.5mm microphone into the computer? I just want to know if the audio captured from the Webcam won't interfere with the external mic
Comment from : Jonathan H

Ryan Anthony
Question has anyone extended the USB cable 25 or 33 ft? If so did you have success? Do you recommend an active cable or USB hub? Also is this unit USB2.0?
Comment from : Ryan Anthony

David Bliss
hmm im finding on mine the picture quality is grainy and a bit pixelated

anyone got any ideas how I can improve the quality

Comment from : David Bliss

Santiago Atehortua
Still great today for the price!
Comment from : Santiago Atehortua

I wanted to buy this camera I just want to make sure that this camera is a 1080 60fps camera
Comment from : Helli

1:42 video test
Comment from : Woven

Just bought this for half price on Newegg Canada. Great review, Andy!
Comment from : Del

Farid Mustofa
Great review!
Comment from : Farid Mustofa

Meow kow
Did you just seriously recommend a usb microphone?
Comment from : Meow kow

amazing quality of the video
Comment from : ukramms

kanageswary Tarmalingam
I have the same webcam
Comment from : kanageswary Tarmalingam

what camera are you using???
Comment from : Cryptopedia

Edward Yana
Hey! Thank you for the video. I wonder if this camera could be useful to record lectures in my classes. Would you recommend it?
Comment from : Edward Yana

Troya Productions
great :3 what 's the velocity to broadcasting ?
Comment from : Troya Productions

You-Tube Junkie
Test.....lets see the test on your pc screen.
What kind of interface does it have ?
Does it have 25% screen
Does it have 50% screen ?

Comment from : You-Tube Junkie

Anyone know if this would work with an old laptop (dell latitude e4310 i5 8bg ram)??
Comment from : muzzblack

Luis Felipe E
Does work with any computer my laptop Camara isn't working and I'm scare of buy one of this and it doesn't work
Comment from : Luis Felipe E

Ashley Hope Nelson
Does anyone know if this works with chromebooks?
Comment from : Ashley Hope Nelson

Nichole Hahn
Sorry, Maybe I missed this, but do you have to download a software to use this. I want students to be able to hook up their Chromebook to a setup camera to get high-quality photos of their artwork.
Comment from : Nichole Hahn

Multi fandom hamster Who loves jaffa cakes
This is the one I'm buying on Amazon. :D Nice! Thanks for the video. The webcam I have at the moment is like a potato, so I wanted a better quality one. lol
Comment from : Multi fandom hamster Who loves jaffa cakes

Arcade Master
Do you need the software if you were using google hangouts do you need softawre
Comment from : Arcade Master

Metal Head Hippie
Is there anything newer? same style but maybe updated with better features? Or is this about it. Thanks.....
Comment from : Metal Head Hippie

Sheen Riell Sumalinog
Does this have Wifi feature?
Comment from : Sheen Riell Sumalinog

Austin Raymond
Very nice review!!! One question, is it able to be used as a live broadcasting camera for that's say, YouNow Or Facebook? Keep up the great work bro!
Comment from : Austin Raymond

Wiener Bob
Tsk USB MIC, get real man, interface lifestyle yo, interface bois, interface or die, best quality, interface BOIS!!!!! INTERFACE IS ONLY WAY, GIB EM THE OL' RAZZLE DAZZLE!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Wiener Bob

Akiva Pearlman
Is it possible to record 2 video sources simultaneously - one from Mac's built-in camera and the other from the C920 so one can later edit and have 2 angles?
Comment from : Akiva Pearlman

Nice Work, it was perfect

does this require a 3.0 USB port
Comment from : RedRavenHD

George Edwards
Andy, thank you for this video. I have Logicool C920, I think that's the Japanese brother to this. But I am not sure if mine is stereo. This Logitech is stereo, the Audio Technica USB mike you show is mono! What don't U like about C920 sound? I wanna use it to record drums & live acoustic jazz bands with my MacBook Pro.
Comment from : George Edwards

I've owned this webcam for about 6 months now and every time I view a video through the Logitech video window it is grainy and not clear. If I am going to take a picture though then its clear and nice.
Comment from : horrorghoul

can I use it on PS4 ?
Comment from : GabryDelle

Sovereign Rebellion
Apple discontinued QuickTime Pro, what can you use to record in a 16:9 aspect ratio?
Comment from : Sovereign Rebellion

John De León
it seems there's a general consensus on the bad audio quality of this camera.
Comment from : John De León

Christo Van
Hi Andy, l have the above Logitech webcam and a blue yeti usb mic. My problem is l can use them individually but can't seem to record with mic and camera together. Can you please advise? Thanks.
Comment from : Christo Van

i do live dj from home so how do i get the audio through while using this webcam
Comment from : VIDEO&MUSICEditor

I use this at work and have set up conferences Skype/Zoom for my whole department hundreds of times. This product works great and have recorded videos with it on YouTube. It is a large step above any built in webcams in laptops or computer monitors for both video and audio.
Comment from : Mason

Great review! Quick, simple, right to the point :D
Comment from : WeGottaSituation

Mr. Whoever
Still hesitating if I should buy this for my facecam videos...
Comment from : Mr. Whoever

This is JUST what I've been looking for! 😄
Comment from : MasterEth

Arturo Ramos
Hi Andy, do you have an idea why my C920 Stop having imagen and I only could hree people over? :(
Comment from : Arturo Ramos

Fr33man Health
Why cant I get this kind of quality :\ I record my videos with it even in 1080 and its blurry, could it be the lighting?
Comment from : Fr33man Health

How do I get it to shoot/record in widescreen?
Comment from : mysticalredbeanie

Alberto Salvia Novella
Hey, that's mine!
Comment from : Alberto Salvia Novella

Nitin Kumar
C270 is better, even though it's not HD.
Comment from : Nitin Kumar

i would get it at best buy even though it will be a bit more expensive i can get a two year warranty with it i bought the warranty for my seagate 5 TB hard drive and my ICE snowball mic they were a little more expensive but i wanted the warranty more encase shit happens and it always does
Comment from : experimenter19

Thanks - good review!
Comment from : FS E

Yazeed Smadi
Does it contain the tripod with it?
Comment from : Yazeed Smadi

Vter Tezedre
Light your fucking camera instead of showing all the angles of view
You are sellers or it's from the pub or what
sorry, but it's boring at the end...

Comment from : Vter Tezedre

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