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Logitech Brio Review: Best 4K Webcam?

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Information Logitech Brio Review: Best 4K Webcam?

Title :  Logitech Brio Review: Best 4K Webcam?
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Frames Logitech Brio Review: Best 4K Webcam?

Description Logitech Brio Review: Best 4K Webcam?

Comments Logitech Brio Review: Best 4K Webcam?

Freedom WatchDog
I have the C 920 .... with good lighting, match the Brio?
Comment from : Freedom WatchDog

Eric Britt
Brio does not support Cisco Open 264 codec for 4k.....only 1080p.
Comment from : Eric Britt

Antoon Meerman
Thank you. Very Helpful.
Comment from : Antoon Meerman

J Foster
Useful video thanks
Comment from : J Foster

Karen Woolley
What are the best options for a microphone? Like some sort of clip on mic?
Comment from : Karen Woolley

Solomon's Ponderings
Thank you for the thorough review. I think I'm gonna pull the trigger and purchase the Brio now! :0)
Comment from : Solomon's Ponderings

Mark Rentflejs
what camera are you using the make this review?
Comment from : Mark Rentflejs

am i the only one that thinks that the c922 looks better?
Comment from : PaperLP

Nibelung Valesti
C922 looks way better...
Comment from : Nibelung Valesti

Rob Mulally
wow the older camera looks way better why?
Comment from : Rob Mulally

I use a regular c920 and I don't see much difference. I mean, the BRIO looks like it picks up more light but that can be fixed simply by turning on more light.
Comment from : AmericanSpyFox

Al Lehman
So, which is best. it doesn't seem that there is a clear decision made.. personal opinion doesn't really explain it
Comment from : Al Lehman

Just Matt
what camera are you using for the video itself?
Comment from : Just Matt

Señor Diablo
insane picture quality? but c922 in ur comparison looks much sharper in 1080p lol
Comment from : Señor Diablo

Andy Ferris
I just want to know if there is a mic that is built into the cam so I don't have to buy an extra microphone?
Comment from : Andy Ferris

Tobias Lotan
Hi great video, what is the best and EASIEST camera to use for livestreaming yoga/pilates classes. I need wide angle. Is there any webcameras that would work for that?
Comment from : Tobias Lotan

David Burland
Hello Justin, would this Logitech Brio be any good for a teaching job with it about 15ft back from teacher? Or is there a better one now?
Comment from : David Burland

The Hoi4 Senate
Is the logitech brio wirless
Comment from : The Hoi4 Senate

watch in 1.5x: much better
Comment from : CustoMish

Eric Dozier
Has anyone noticed extremely high prices on Amazon for these cameras?
Comment from : Eric Dozier

Simon Bennett
Hi Jason - thanks for this review. Wonder if you have suggestions for taking a direct audio feed from a radio studio and recording/streaming a broadcast (with audio and visuals in sync). Is this possible with this camera?
Comment from : Simon Bennett

KGS Fitness
If I understand you correctly, you’re saying I will need to plug the Brio into a Windows computer to update the firmware before I can use it on my MacBook? I have no access to a Windows computer.
Comment from : KGS Fitness

eddy haze
everything now is through the roof over 300 bucks.... solid state drive 4tb 500 now 700 bucks
Comment from : eddy haze

Ross Donnan
So awesome, thanks so much for this. What camera do you record to get the video of you talking? And are there any lights? It looks fantastic!
Comment from : Ross Donnan

Shawn Bartley
Awesome video bro!!!
Comment from : Shawn Bartley

Randy B the Trainer
HHHEEELLP!!! Hey there Justin! I hope this message finds you healthy and well! I have been following you on youtube for a year or so now using some of your awesome tips here and there. But, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, I now have the need to take my personal training business to live stream. I started my first sessions with the webcam on my mac book pro circa 2015. SO it ant the greatest. I have been searching the internet for the "best webcam to stream workouts with" and I can't seem to find anything. I immediately thought of you. Do you have any suggestions. I have been filming workouts for clients with my iPhone 11 and the DJI Osmo mobile 3 which has been great for that, but I can't stream through zoom with that. Please let me know what you think!
Comment from : Randy B the Trainer

Miss Understood
Oh. I have this webcam. Maybe I’ll use
Comment from : Miss Understood

Pascal Machefer
Is the sound of your comes from Logitech Brio ?
Comment from : Pascal Machefer

Pascal Machefer
What about the sound ?
Comment from : Pascal Machefer

Justin, What are your computer spec's?
Comment from : FearTec

Clinton Elston
Why do you keep repeating the same stuff over and over!
Comment from : Clinton Elston

Time Traveler
Why didn't you compare the Brio to their later webcam the c930e.
Comment from : Time Traveler

Don René Global
Hello Justin, thanks for your great video's. What video-editing program would you advice for a "beginner"?
Comment from : Don René Global

Aaron Kelly
Sounds like it doesn't have a 4k encoder chip. That's unfortunate. RE: CPU Usage. Do you have an intel CPU that has support for HEVC (that's only the newest generation)?
Comment from : Aaron Kelly

Ive heard this cam doesnt work with Skype?
Comment from : thunder1soldier

Rexx Reviews
Check out the new Logitech Streamcam Plus
Comment from : Rexx Reviews

Lets Build That App
It's really hard to go back to using webcams when you have a capture card dslr setup. Tradeoff is that we have to lug around lens and a tripods....
Comment from : Lets Build That App

The Deer Hunter
What camera are you using for the video itself?
Comment from : The Deer Hunter

Best review. Thank you!
Comment from : Taria

Stephen Calamia
I thought the brio looked better the other one is just brighter..
Comment from : Stephen Calamia

Who the hell is the “we” he keeps referring to? It’s only him making these videos. He talks like he has a camera crew and a production studio with lighting crew and sound crew and production team... idiot acting like he is bigger then he really is.
Comment from : RViscara

M.P.F. Studios
how do you use its green screen
Comment from : M.P.F. Studios

Sophie Ploeg
Trying to use my new Brio on my mac - can’t find settings. G-hub only gives zoom, focus, exposure etc, but no settings for 1080p or 4K. What am I missing?
Comment from : Sophie Ploeg

Great review!
Comment from : BayRainBeatz

Тамерлан Кагарманов
Why is the quality of Webcams still so bad in 2019?
Comment from : Тамерлан Кагарманов

Sarah Callow
Is this comparable with a PS4 ..???
Comment from : Sarah Callow

ok so you review a 4k camera and never show the 4k video output, only 1080 ? full clickbait
Comment from : Mark

Fearless Mike
The colours from C922 is better Brio looks like you have gotten clorine in your eyes
Comment from : Fearless Mike

how can I use my Sony hdr3000 as webcam? :P
Comment from : Mango

Praxis Living
Good video review. However, what video capture setup did you create this video with? Obviously it was not a webcam.
Comment from : Praxis Living

Ted Mattos
Hey Justin, great video as always. I'm currently using the C922, and wondering if I should upgrade to the Brio or not. Just wondering if you're still using the Brio two years later, or have you found a better webcam? Thanks much!
Comment from : Ted Mattos

no more toxic relationships
it is using a 4k useless if others don't have the capabilities to watch 4k?
Comment from : no more toxic relationships

Александр Афна
How many reviews and comparisons watched, understood one thing. The Logitech Brio webcam does not work well for those who sit on calculators with and (or) the Internet via a modem. Or with a normal computer, but a small brain. Or with the wrong operating system. Have rest works better all.
Comment from : Александр Афна

Maximus Hase
hello justin, what camera do you use during the video rigth know ? and which mic ? thank in advance !
Comment from : Maximus Hase

Lionel Martin
There is a white balance setting, but no tint... Not the first time.
Comment from : Lionel Martin

Mingrui Yuan
Hi Justin, thank you for sharing your experience using the Brio. Could you please let me know where you download the "logitech brio control" software? Since I cannot find it anywhere. Many thanks again
Comment from : Mingrui Yuan

Shadow Heart
Thank you for showing actual sample videos. It's mind boggling how many 'reviews' out there don't show it.
Comment from : Shadow Heart

Trevor Deluxe
wait wait wait did you just do a 4k webcam review without showing any 4k footage from the camera? Only 1080p footage?
Comment from : Trevor Deluxe

Lenny and Sandi
Great video, Justin! Question, what software are you for this camera on your Mac? Your link doesn't seem to locate the software. Thanks!
Comment from : Lenny and Sandi

Gamesmaster OG
i wanna use this on PS4 Pro anyone ever tried using on there?
Comment from : Gamesmaster OG

Karel Smítka
well f... Mac then
Comment from : Karel Smítka

Kasra Akbari
Fantastic video, so informative
Comment from : Kasra Akbari

Antonio Claudio Michael
Thanks for the information
Comment from : Antonio Claudio Michael

Jose Arrieta
Have anyone tried this camera with MacBook pro 2016?
Comment from : Jose Arrieta

very descriptive, but how many "other tests" did you do and what were they?
Comment from : Jcorter03

What are you using for recording? I don't want the logi logo using the logitech software, and obs for some reason only picks it up as a 1080P camera, how do I get it to record in 4k lol UGH
Comment from : Beardyvlogger

James Borg
Excellent video. Thanks for the information!
Comment from : James Borg

Hetz Biz
The video is from 2017. Right now (2019) the webcam finally use your nVidia card to do all the 4K encoding without "killing" your CPU. (you'll need GTX 1070 or above for that)
Comment from : Hetz Biz

thanks chris martin
Comment from : SEAN HODDER

Boroș Ionut Cristian
Any chanche to mirror the image like on C920 with Xpliterr on brio 4k ?????? thank u !!!
Comment from : Boroș Ionut Cristian

Is the 922 4K? if not why comparing? so in this video BRIO seems to be the only 4k webcam so it is the "best" here...
Comment from : Mango

922 seems sharper despite of the resolution...
Comment from : Mango

Sativa Science Club
Hey Justin. So I bought the Brio and I was stoked to use it but it doesn't work for beans. I'm a graphic designer running windows 10 on a brand new computer souped up with additional ram, 1tb SSD, and a brand new top-of-the-line graphics card. Not only would it not allow me to install the traditional Logitech Webcam software for Brio (requiring Logitech Capture instead) but I continually received a warning that my drivers were outdated. Logitech does not provide drivers for the brio on their website so there was no way to resolve this issue. It barely worked as a camera at 720p and it would not function as a webcam at all. It just continually sent a notification that I am not equipped to run 720p at 30fps which is just preposterous as I run my C922 at 1080p and 30fps daily. I'm returning the Brio today a little heartbroken. I noticed several people complaining of this issue to Logitech about two years back and it does not seem like this problem was ever resolved. Any ideas on why this may be happening? Perhaps you can recommend a forum where I may find answers? If it's something I'm overlooking I would love to learn how to fix it.
Comment from : Sativa Science Club

AdViD GaMeRz
Could I connect the Brio or C922 to a tascam audio recorder, then run it to my mixer/audio interface? I like the logic video quality better then My Canon T6i. Besides my DSLR camera only allows me to record 29 min in 720p before it resets.
Comment from : AdViD GaMeRz

Just a sec
Hi Justin, another great vid. I dont care much for the 4k feature on the Brio and will stick to 1080p do you think it's not worth getting the brio therefore? Thanks!
Comment from : Just a sec

Bro, which camera you have used to record your this YouTube video. Please mention.
Comment from : ksoomro

Anil Natha
Quick note for those interested in purchasing this camera. Logitech provides software to upgrade the camera firmware for Apple macOS. It was probably added after this video was published.
Comment from : Anil Natha

still undecided; on a mac I wonder if 4k will help for youtube videos
Comment from : Sajad

Andreas Abrahamsson
What camera are you using to shoot the video on because that's the camera I want? Makes the webcams look 10 years old....
Comment from : Andreas Abrahamsson

What camera and microphone systems do you currently use to record your published videos? They look awesome.
Comment from : J N

Timothy Fisher
Brio does not work with windows 10. I cant get it to work with any browsers or Skype which it is rated compatible with
Comment from : Timothy Fisher

What camera are you using to shoot this video?
Comment from : Ishmael

Which software is that?
Comment from : EmreLism

Mr Zimmerman
Brio is a waste of $$. As a streamer and content creator the most expensive item in this case isn’t the best. The C922 has better quality imo and is $100.00 cheaper. I’m taking my Brio back to best buy today 😅😂😂
Comment from : Mr Zimmerman

Gerard Freeman
The C922 looks so much better, when you had it side by side. Why is that??
Comment from : Gerard Freeman

Hervé Da Costa
super useful. Any update for 2019 for Mac? Any suggestion for side microphone? I am planning to use these in a room for a small team conference. Thanks
Comment from : Hervé Da Costa

I bought one of these and after 10+ hours of troubleshooting, fighting with drivers and reinstall of various Logitech software this camera has been unable to produce a clear image, i strongly recommend against anyone buying the brio. The driver and software issues are plentiful and the webcam doesn't seem to work at all with asmedia 3.1 usb controllers. I have tried various light setups, automatic vs manual exposure. third part software and i struggle to get the same quality that my c920 has given me for years. pass over the brio due to poor software support and wait for the next 1080p60fps camera for streaming, i haven't seen anything close to 4k looking images out of this camera. I will be returning this and waiting for a newer/better camera to be released that doesn't struggle with so many software/driver problems.
Comment from : AdventureClass

Hi. This video was made with logitech brio?
Comment from : kinoblock

Wai Ting
Can I ask where you downloaded the "Logitech Brio Control" application for Mac used in this video? In the Logitech Support link ( support.logitech.com/en_us/product/brio/downloads), they seem to have replaced it with G Hub. Anybody know how I can find BRIO Control instead?
Comment from : Wai Ting

@Sataniel Gaming  He said that you get much brighter and much better colours coming through he is referring to the 4k webcam. Also the room he is in doesn't look the most lit. The quality on the right side looks like the contrast is just higher and darker with slightly less quality. I'm sure on a 720p or 1080p screen the darker looks more eye catching but this is not the actual case. Sorry not sorry.

Also he never set the white balance in the video on the webcam on the left. If you don't do that it gets wonky and can look weird, I have both cameras and the 4k is way better.

Comment from : Cryptic

Why does the Logitech brio not have 1440p at 60fps?
Comment from : Cryptic

X chanel
about 14 meter
Comment from : X chanel

X chanel
can you test for long shoot
Comment from : X chanel

Gamer X
Why does my Brio 4k pro webcam have Grainy/fuzzy/snowy artifacts? I'm starting to think I got a bad unit (Brio 4k pro webcam) because i looked for hours and haven't found the answer. Whenever i open Logitech camera settings app, or Logitech Capture app or even windows 10 Camera the picture has fuzzy/grainy/snowy artifacts background noise all about it, less on my face but on my shirt and background, especially in dark spots. Looks really crappy. Looks like a low grade movie from the 80's.

This is suppose to be a 4k Camera, what's going on? I seem to have the right firmware and driver I got from here

I downloaded Logitech Capture (BETA), Camera Settings and ChromaCam by Personify.

Is there some other driver I don't know about to fix this? This is the driver the Device Manager says I am using fro 8/28/2017 and I am on Windows 10 and have a 980TI graphics card. I'm going nuts here? Why is this 4k camera looking so bad? ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Comment from : Gamer X

RAYG Music
I have this and it stopped working no lights and I cant send it in because the website is crap I tried to put in a ticket no luck feel like I'm out the money I spent was awesome while it lasted
Comment from : RAYG Music

Gyula Molnár
:D In this video have only one good camera. What we see longest. The worst is the brio, the better is the c922. In the brio you like the terminator when his face is rotten. And it's obscure.
Comment from : Gyula Molnár

Is it compatible with a console?
Comment from : Piemp

Thomas Grimaldi
How much storage is required to save a video in 4K? Curious to start up a Twitch stream and YouTube channel but don’t want to break the bank
Comment from : Thomas Grimaldi

David Frisken
I was expecting a link to this great bit of free software for all Logitech Webcams you promised. I got no results for any software named "Customise your shot before you shoot". Do you have a link, or more info on what you can do with this software?
Comment from : David Frisken

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